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gift packaging supplies, glossy 2-piece boxesWELCOME!  We have noticed many new businesses starting just this past year. Some are click & mortar startups, others are brick & mortar stores. Yet others are still in the early development stages. Wherever you fit into this mix, we have the packaging for YOU! For example, we offer Special Occasion, Everyday, Holiday and Seasonal packaging supplies such as bags, boxes, ribbons, tissue papers, gift wraps, bows and more!

gift wrapping and packaging supplies, emoji emoticon gift wrapping papersYou will find many ideas on our website and downloadable catalogs. These range from gift bags, upscale shipping boxes, gift boxes, colorful tissue papers, gift wrapping papers, ribbons, bows, gift packaging supplies and more.


In addition to our stock, non-printed packaging, we  can help you post print your name or logo on many of our stock products. Note: When custom printing, be sure to allow several weeks for the process, beginning to end. Our catalog has many ideas and information about printing, as well as our stock store and gift packaging supplies.

Depending on the packaging and required imprint, we offer screen printing, hot stamping, and flexo ink printing. Also, this year we offer 4-color process printing, with low minimums. This includes many bottle boxes and carriers, euro bags, twill-handled bags, wine packaging, tins, pillow packs, gourmet packaging supplies, ribbons and more.

Please download our catalog for details about personalizing your store packaging supplies folding square trayspackaging. You’ll find some amazing new stock bags, boxes, and gift basket supplies as well!


Many new and popular products this year, include:

  • Turquoise Sophie Bags
  • Many new Gift Wrapping Papers
  • White Rectangular Windowed Tins
  • Gloss Twill-Handled Manhattan Bags
  • gift backet display packaging supplies, folding cratesItalian Folding Crates and Square Trays
  • Clear Top 2-piece Avana Eflute Boxes
  • Travel Packing Cubes
  • Red or White Gloss Folding 2-pc Corrugated Boxes
  • New Holiday Paper Gift Bags, Royal Frost

As always, we look forward to helping you with all your packaging supplies, as we’ve been doing for the past 30 years. We look forward to seeing you online this year again. Bring your friends and visit today. See ya soon!


Christmas, Hanukkah, Holidays

Wording used online for the upcoming December holiday season can be confusing, and especially controversial this year. As we strive to maintain our own Christian beliefs, we understand that the English language can often be hpnativitydistracting. “Merry Christmas” is seen as a Christian greeting, but is also widely understood by all. We try to use other acceptable wording as well.

While we reach out to all with our various social media posts, it is important to use different wording so you can find us. This is the same with all internet companies, so don’t judge us too harshly for trying. Oh yes… while choosing our words, we must also keep within the allowable media word count! ZR796

Remember too that “Happy Holidays” and “Seasons Greetings” are not always used to avoid the word “Christmas“, but rather to include New Year in the December holiday season too. In summary, we trust  that folks will move through our attempts to find the correct wording, to uncover the intended purpose of our website. Enjoy!

New Holiday Packaging – Take a look now!

Take a peek at our Christmas and holiday selections. New gift bags, colorful gift boxes, ribbons, and gift wraps … all exquisitely designed to attract attention to your business and complete the final gift presentation.

A few selections are shown below. Please take time to explore our complete selection in our Online Packaging Store. Our snowflake tins and snowflake euro bags make an easy addition to dress up any gift. Creative minds can play with lots of ideas for using colorful ribbons and twines in your gift packaging. Gift cards are very popular, and creative gift card folders and boxes can make this popular gift seem even more special.

Christmas Holiday Gift Wrapping PapersChristmas Holiday Gift BagsChristmas Snowflake TinsGift Card Packaging HoldersRed Christmas Snowflake Euro Bags

Wholesale Ribbons, Cords, TwineChristmas Holiday Jumbo BagsGift Card BoxChristmas Chevron Gift BagsBottle Boxes



We are pleased to have our new Online Packaging Store ready for the holiday season. Shop in our store for a wide selection of gift packaging and store supplies. You’ll find discounts for ordering online, as well as quantity discounts. ALL items combine for quantity discounts. The more you order, the more you save!

side-menu-logo-barTo find what you need, just use the expanding menu on the side for all categories, the links at the top for the main categories, or the Search Box at the top of each page. We’ve had much positive feedback from our shoppers. Thanks to all of you who have registered and/or shopped in our new store!

As always, if you don’t find what you need, please call or email us. Our response time is among the best. If we can’t help immediately, just leave a message. Most often you will reach a real person when you call, and we’d love to hear from you!

One final note: If you enjoy this Christmas holiday blog page, please take a moment to share it with your social media friends! Thanks so much. We look forward to helping you through this busy season. You are truly appreciatedShare

As we pause and give thanks this Thanksgiving season, we remember those in Paris and other places under siege. We pray for wisdom, courage and compassion for our world leaders, as they struggle to resolve conflicts. You are in our thoughts and prayers as well.

thanksgiving-pixChristmas Holiday Gift Bags, Retro Girlparty-hats-confetti

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Seasons Greetings!


Store Packaging “Raps”

“Most of our customers are (w)rappers!”.

This recent comment, by a long term colleague, relates to our wide selection of wholesale gift wrapping paper and other store packaging supplies. Store Packaging. Baby, Shower: Newborn gift wrapsAlong the same line, we used to publish a newsletter called “MCwRAPS”. We also adopted the slogan “Wrap it up with MAC” many years ago. This just keeps getting more fun as time goes on!

Store Packaging. feminine gift wraps, wrapping paperBut no matter how you look at it, wrapping gifts never grows old; and the designers who create these wraps just keep getting better. This year’s gift wraps are amazing! I, for one, welcome every hint of the arrival of Spring, more than EVER.

Store Packaging. Kids, Youth: birthday, celebration wrapping papersI suspect many of you join me in that feeling . . . especially those who have endured one of the most memorable winters ever. Welcome, Spring! Special occasions like Mother’s Day, Easter, Graduations, and Father’s Day will soon be here too. Be sure to have store and gift wrapping supplies lined up to meet these celebrations.

Store Packaging. masculine gift wrapping suppliesIt gets better! This year brings even more new ideas to the retail packaging market than gift wrapping papers. For example, dressing up your gift cards creatively can bring a simple gift to life with an added touch of class.Store Packaging. Pop Up gift card gift boxes

New matched packaging themed collections are equally impressive this year, from geometric patterns to bright dancing floral designs. Wrapping tissue, goody bags, gift seals, jute, wraphia, and new printed ribbons provide the finishing touches. You can see all these, and much more, in our “Online Packaging Store”.

Store Packaging 2015 Raps

Take a peek at our “New in 2015” sectionStore Packaging. Geo Trio matched packaging collection
for a quick overview.  Then take time to explore all the Categories on the left side of the store screen too. When you are ready to check out, you’ll find some welcome changes. The process has been streamlined, and PayPal has been added as an option. Changes don’t end here. They are just beginning, as we continue to add store packaging products and website improvements daily.

As always, if you don’t find what you need, please call or email us. Our response time is among the best. If we can’t help immediately, just leave a message. Most often you will reach a real person when you call, and we’d love to hear from you!

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Store Packaging. Colorful solid color gift wrapping papers


Christmas Holiday Packaging . . .

Bundle your Christmas Holiday Packaging Orders and SAVE

Now you can combine items for online quantity discounts…savings of up to 10% on Everything. Every Day. Bundle your Christmas Holiday Packaging, and don’t forget to restock your basic supplies too as you shop.  Or, if you prefer, you can still call us and talk to a real person!

Focus On Wholesale Gift Packaging Supplies

As a retailer or business owner, you’ve most likely been involved in theChristmas Holiday Packaging, Gift Wrapping Papers Christmas pre-holiday frenzy. You know that this is the season when packaging supplies are critical, and those you want the most will sell out the fastest.

‘Tis the season….When you place your orders at this time of year, wherever and however you order, it’s a good idea to keep alternative designs or colors in mind while you shop. In case you need to substitute, you’ll be ready. We all like to think back orders will never happen, but if it does it will save you a lot of time in the long run.

To avoid stress, you’ll want to keep ahead of your actual packaging needs, so you can focus on your customers and your products.

Christmas Holiday Packaging, Euro Bags, Peacock and AubergineFor the new start-up businesses, you’ll need to allow for the unexpected too. Be sure you have plenty of Christmas holiday packaging on hand when the busiest of the busy season hits. Don’t get left just wishing you were holding the bag! Depending on what kind of business you have, you will at least need a variety of bag sizes/styles, plenty of tissue paper or colorful shreds, boxes for gift wrapping and/or shipping, ribbons and bows, and of course, gift wrapping paper. Remember, NOT everyone offers gift wrapping…it can help set you apart from your competition. Consider wrapping for other seasons too.

Get Creative!

Here are 5 easy ideas to try:

Christmas Holiday Packaging, Window Display(1) Wrap with colorful, festive tissue paper.

(2) Cut a strip of contrasting gift wrap to band around your neatly wrapped packages.

(3) Get more mileage from your wrapping paper with popular reversible designs.

(4) Extend the season and encourage fun and relaxation with a ’12 Days of Christmas” theme.

(5) Use Christmas holiday packaging to decorate your store windows and/or website for the season. Color attracts attention.

On the heels of the Christmas season . . .

It’s easy to get caught up in the festivities and celebrations of the season, then get swept into the New Year with much pomp and circumstance. And then…Landing in the new year can take some getting used to….change the calendars, remember the correct year when writing the date, ponder over the most memorable events of the past year. And of course, we have that satisfaction that we have survived another year. And don’t forget the New Year’s resolutions.

S-M6295There will be much activity to occupy our minds. But remember that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, with that bright red color too. Where have we seen that before? Oh yes….Christmas! Do yourself a favor and add extra quantities of red packaging to your Christmas orders, to give yourself a bit of a pre-launch into the next season. It’s all about making life easier for you….and more pleasant for your guests and shoppers as well.

Contact us any time we can help….in ANY season!

The Retail Pulse . . .

Insights on Retailer, Consumer Intentions for Holiday 2014

Unwrapping the NRF Holiday Sales Forecast

Retailers Preparing for Surge in Online Shopping with Re-Focused Shipping Calendar



Focus: Halloween Bags & More

It’s that haunting time of the year again!

Focus On Wholesale Gift Packaging Supplies

Halloween Bags, Bulk Wholesale

Tiny ghosts and goblins will soon appear on your doorstep. They will haunt you with eerie costumes while carrying irresistible smiles and contagious giggles. They will proudly display all forms of spooky Halloween bags and containers to attract the most delicious morsels to their overflowing cache. So where do all these bewitching bags come from?

That’s where you step in! As a store or business owner, you can build a ghoulish amount of good will by making them easy for your shoppers to find. School teachers or community leaders might find some help here too.

Halloween Bags … Try these 5 great ideas:

(1) Simply add themed Halloween bags to your shelves or online store for your customers to buy by the piece. Those shown above are ready to go, priced for resale.

(2) Add value by filling the bags with Halloween goodies from your store. Place the bag and contents on a shelf near the checkout, making it easy for your customers to shop. This is especially helpful as the season gets closer and last-minute shoppers make their way to your store. Decorate with curling ribbons to help attract interest.

Halloween Stickers(3) Be creative and decorate solid colored bags, sold in bulk quantities, for Halloween. Add your price to the bag, and use as suggested above. You can apply seasonal stickers, or feature original drawings on matte bags. Use your own artwork or involve neighborhood children or area artists. Matte Orange Euro Bag Sell markers with the bags so your customers can add their own unique touch. You can add cut-outs or buttons, or other art-card materials, to glossy or matte bags too, for an extra special touch! You might even hold a contest, with the winning Halloween bag displayed in your store window or website.

(4) If you sell Halloween costumes, offer a decorative Trick or Treat Bag in ‘witch’ your shoppers can carry Black Ameritote Halloween Bagsthem home. You can also use solid color carry-out bags, in a color appropriate for this ghostly season. This can build loyalty by saving time and steps for your customers. It will provide them with something they may otherwise forget…and turn them into a hero in their child’s eyes!

Halloween Orange Crinkle Shreds(5) Be sure to decorate your store windows and/or website for the season. Halloween bags, boxes, shreds, tissue paper, and ribbons are all great additions to windows and shelves in your store, as well as booths or tables at upcoming fairs and festivals. Color attracts attention. Imagine the possibilities!

It’s easy to set the mood for any season…Gift Wrappng Papers and Ribbons Wholesale

Gift wrapping papers make an excellent background or covering for your table or booth. Look for half or full ream counter rolls for your larger needs, or cutter box rolls for smaller areas. And if you plan for some excess, you can even use it for … wrapping gifts!

Resale Gift Wrap RollsFinally, with the holidays approaching…

This year we also offer wrapping paper resale rolls and flat gift wrap resale packages. Plan and consolidate your store supply purchases so you can order quantities that result in bulk discounts. Visit us online to find wholesale gift packaging supplies, with quick and easy ordering, to meet your needs for every occasion. Let your customers know that you care enough to provide the best for them. Many new products have been added to our online selections, and more are being included every day…not just Halloween bags but all supplies for all seasons and every day needs too.

Why not check it out now?

FOCUS CORNER – Quality Wholesale Retail Packaging and Quality Service!

focusTawny Textured Rib Windowed Wine Boxes
Wholesale retail packaging supplies and quality service have more in common with each other than just the words themselves. Your packaging speaks loudly about your business image. Eco friendly packaging clearly emphasizes your commitment to the environment. Foil gift wrapping states your desire to please a certain audience, just as primary colored ribbons and wraps can accent your appeal to children. Whichever wholesale retail packaging you choose, customers associate its quality look and feel with their overall view of your business and its services.

Yes, your customers deserve the best service you can provide…just as you yourself expect and deserve quality service wherever you shop. Here are some points to ponder:

1) Treat your customers like your boss…because they really are. They are the ones who pay your bills, and provide feedback  to let you know what’s good, or not so good. Focus on the good. Pleasing your customers will reap and multiply your rewards.
winter city collection, bio-plastic and paper shopping bags wholesale
2) Add new points of interest to your in-store displays or website. Let seasonal packaging brighten your decor and set the mood for the rapidly approaching holiday season. You can find some great ideas here, such as the Winter City Collection, Magical Christmas and Mocha Frost Bags, and the ever popular and versatile Holiday Jumbo Bags.

3) Plan and consolidate your store supply purchases so you can order quantities that result in bulk discounts. You can find wholesale retail packaging supplies here, with quick and easy ordering, to meet your needs for every occasion. Let your customers know that you care enough to provide the best for them. Many new designs have been added to this collection and more are being included every day. Why not check it out now?


Focus on Kids – Wholesale Gift Wrap Paper Special Promotion

focusPolar Bear Present wrapping paper

From now through Oct 15, 2012, we are featuring a “Focus on Kids” special wholesale gift wrap paper promotion. Most of us can agree that kids deserve special attention, especially during holiday seasons and special occasions. Take advantage of this opportunity now for 20% discounts off selected Christmas Holiday and All Occasion bulk, wholesale gift wraps for kids. Use our gift wrap papers to wrap special packages for your customers, or decorate for special events.  Bulk, wholesale giftwrap paper packaging makes excellent shelf liners to set the theme.  Try some of these other ideas to add an emphasis to your image.

(1)  Offer a gift wrapping service as a special promotion, even if you can’t do it year ’round. You might be surprised at the response from your customers.  If might be worth offering the special service longer, or more often. Be sure to get word out to your community and customers through flyers or other advertising. Word of mouth is always the best advertising. Use some of the wrapping paper in your window or website displays, to help draw attention to your theme or service.

(2) Be sure to “like” us on Facebook. Social networking is a great way to get your name out, and is usually a 2-way street.  Posting on our page will extend your visibility beyond your immediate reach, and can lead to a surprising number of contacts.

(3) Watch for new products and lower pricing on our website.  Our site is being updated beginning this week with product and price changes. You’ll find many new items, as well as easy ordering through our shopping cart site, as more selections are added.

Check out our complete selection of wholesale gift wrap paper packaging too!

If you have questions, give us a call or email. We’ll do our best to help you.


Gift Wrapping Papers – Back To Basics

Gift Wrapping PapersRetailers…Are you looking for a way to add a special touch to your product and/or service? Use gift wrapping papers to get back to basics. The days of old-fashioned gift wrapping, with real wrapping paper, would be a welcome return by many.  A wrapped package adds a special, nostalgic touch and shows you care, especially when paired with colorful giftwrap ribbons and tissue paper.  Gift bags are a great option too, but this might be the year for you to offer the service of wrapping gifts for your customers to give to others. Or dress up your corporate gift-giving program for employees, clients or vendors, with colorful seasonal wrapping papers.  Or you might consider offering gift-wrapping services in your local community or mall. Whichever you choose, you’re sure to be met with pleasant surprise.

Many of our giftwraps are made in the USA.  Many wrapping papers are eco-friendly, and also quite cost-efficient.  A 100-ft cutter box roll, 24′ wide, wraps about 50 shirt-size boxes.  A 417-ft half ream roll, best used with a paper holder, wraps about 200. Width for half reams or 833-ft full reams ranges from 15″ to 36″, depending on the design. The most common size is 24″ wide. Jewelers Rolls, 7-3/8″ wide, are also available for wrapping very small gifts.

In addition to wrapping gifts, giftwrap papers are excellent for setting the mood for the season. Consider the following uses:

  • Shelf Linings for Store Displays
  • Table Coverings for Special Events
  • Wall Covers
  • Window Displays
  • Trade Show Booth Displays
  • Fairs, Markets, Shows

MAC Paper Supply offers a huge selection of giftwrap colors and designs, seasonal as well as everyday and special occasion. We sell wholesale-to-retail, stores and businesses. You can browse our selections online, and order online as well if you wish.

Giftwrap truly does make everyone feel special.  Try it yourself!