Packaging Supplies: Stores & Startups

gift packaging supplies, glossy 2-piece boxesWELCOME!  We have noticed many new businesses starting just this past year. Some are click & mortar startups, others are brick & mortar stores. Yet others are still in the early development stages. Wherever you fit into this mix, we have the packaging for YOU! For example, we offer Special Occasion, Everyday, Holiday and Seasonal packaging supplies such as bags, boxes, ribbons, tissue papers, gift wraps, bows and more!

gift wrapping and packaging supplies, emoji emoticon gift wrapping papersYou will find many ideas on our website and downloadable catalogs. These range from gift bags, upscale shipping boxes, gift boxes, colorful tissue papers, gift wrapping papers, ribbons, bows, gift packaging supplies and more.


In addition to our stock, non-printed packaging, we  can help you post print your name or logo on many of our stock products. Note: When custom printing, be sure to allow several weeks for the process, beginning to end. Our catalog has many ideas and information about printing, as well as our stock store and gift packaging supplies.

Depending on the packaging and required imprint, we offer screen printing, hot stamping, and flexo ink printing. Also, this year we offer 4-color process printing, with low minimums. This includes many bottle boxes and carriers, euro bags, twill-handled bags, wine packaging, tins, pillow packs, gourmet packaging supplies, ribbons and more.

Please download our catalog for details about personalizing your store packaging supplies folding square trayspackaging. You’ll find some amazing new stock bags, boxes, and gift basket supplies as well!


Many new and popular products this year, include:

  • Turquoise Sophie Bags
  • Many new Gift Wrapping Papers
  • White Rectangular Windowed Tins
  • Gloss Twill-Handled Manhattan Bags
  • gift backet display packaging supplies, folding cratesItalian Folding Crates and Square Trays
  • Clear Top 2-piece Avana Eflute Boxes
  • Travel Packing Cubes
  • Red or White Gloss Folding 2-pc Corrugated Boxes
  • New Holiday Paper Gift Bags, Royal Frost

As always, we look forward to helping you with all your packaging supplies, as we’ve been doing for the past 30 years. We look forward to seeing you online this year again. Bring your friends and visit today. See ya soon!


Valentine’s Day Packaging

Valentine Day Packaging Supplies
Every month holds at least one special occasion worth celebrating. This month you can help your customers find their Valentine’s Day Packaging supplies. Actually you can do your part, as a retailer, to help your customers make EVERY day special! Use retail packaging to help create a special feeling for your shoppers.

A sweetheart of a year, 2016 brings many lower prices and new products. Download our gift wrap and wrapping supplies catalogs now.

Valentine's Day Packaging

Magnetic Wine Boxes
Rigid Magnetic-Lidded Wine Boxes

Another way to manage your year-round packaging needs is to let us auto-ship products that you use on a regular basis. Quantities of food service tissue paper, for example, can more efficiently be shipped 12 pkg every 3 months, rather than 4 pkg every month. This also helps to assure availability when you need it. Take a look at your buying patterns, and contact us to place some of your gift packaging supplies on auto-pilot. It’s good for the environment, for your pocketbook, and for your sanity!

Contact us any time you have a question or if we can be of help to you in any way. We’d love to hear from you!


Packaging 2015 Wrap Up

As this year approaches the finish line, giving birth to “New Baby 2016”, take time to reflect on your past year’s business and/or personal experiences. What went well? What didn’t go so well? As you complete your Packaging 2015 Wrap Up, let us know how we can be part of your continuing growth.

First, take a moment to bask in the memories of your victories, and learn from them. For those things that maybe weren’t perfect, this isn’t the time to agonize over them. Instead, it’s a time for constructive assessment, learning, and setting the course for this next year.

Next, document the course you set. A calendar or digital reminder program usually works well. Include a time frame that allows for research, samples if necessary, and timely product delivery. Start with your target “needed-by” date and back up from there, for things such as…”wiggle room” for the unexpected, assembly time, transit time for goods and/or samples, decision time, communication time, and research time.

It’s Not Too Late . . .

New Year’s Eve promises to include celebrations involving wine and spirits! Make it more festive with colorful wine packaging. Selections become more limited as the year draws to a close. Now is the time to be sure you have enough packaging on hand. And remember…Valentine’s Day is not far behind. Red, Silver, Black, White and Gold colors transition between seasons exceptionally well.

Have YOU Seen Our Packaging Store?


We have received positive feedback about our  new Online Packaging Store this holiday season.  This is the first year it has been online, and it has a new address: . The most popular features are:

  • Discounts for quantity & ordering online (all items combine)
  • Easy secure ordering
  • Easy navigation
  • Product images

side-menu-logo-barMobile users: To find what you need, just use the expanding menu on the side for all categories, or use the search box.

PC users can do the same, as well as using the links at the top for the most popular categories.

Thanks to all of you who have registered and/or shopped in our new store this year! Please continue to provide feedback for us. As always, if you don’t find what you need, just call or email us. Our response time is among the best, but if we can’t help immediately, please leave a message. You will usually reach a real person when you call. We’d love to hear from you!

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Wishing You A

Blessed Christmas & Prosperous New Year!




Christmas, Hanukkah, Holidays

Wording used online for the upcoming December holiday season can be confusing, and especially controversial this year. As we strive to maintain our own Christian beliefs, we understand that the English language can often be hpnativitydistracting. “Merry Christmas” is seen as a Christian greeting, but is also widely understood by all. We try to use other acceptable wording as well.

While we reach out to all with our various social media posts, it is important to use different wording so you can find us. This is the same with all internet companies, so don’t judge us too harshly for trying. Oh yes… while choosing our words, we must also keep within the allowable media word count! ZR796

Remember too that “Happy Holidays” and “Seasons Greetings” are not always used to avoid the word “Christmas“, but rather to include New Year in the December holiday season too. In summary, we trust  that folks will move through our attempts to find the correct wording, to uncover the intended purpose of our website. Enjoy!

New Holiday Packaging – Take a look now!

Take a peek at our Christmas and holiday selections. New gift bags, colorful gift boxes, ribbons, and gift wraps … all exquisitely designed to attract attention to your business and complete the final gift presentation.

A few selections are shown below. Please take time to explore our complete selection in our Online Packaging Store. Our snowflake tins and snowflake euro bags make an easy addition to dress up any gift. Creative minds can play with lots of ideas for using colorful ribbons and twines in your gift packaging. Gift cards are very popular, and creative gift card folders and boxes can make this popular gift seem even more special.

Christmas Holiday Gift Wrapping PapersChristmas Holiday Gift BagsChristmas Snowflake TinsGift Card Packaging HoldersRed Christmas Snowflake Euro Bags

Wholesale Ribbons, Cords, TwineChristmas Holiday Jumbo BagsGift Card BoxChristmas Chevron Gift BagsBottle Boxes



We are pleased to have our new Online Packaging Store ready for the holiday season. Shop in our store for a wide selection of gift packaging and store supplies. You’ll find discounts for ordering online, as well as quantity discounts. ALL items combine for quantity discounts. The more you order, the more you save!

side-menu-logo-barTo find what you need, just use the expanding menu on the side for all categories, the links at the top for the main categories, or the Search Box at the top of each page. We’ve had much positive feedback from our shoppers. Thanks to all of you who have registered and/or shopped in our new store!

As always, if you don’t find what you need, please call or email us. Our response time is among the best. If we can’t help immediately, just leave a message. Most often you will reach a real person when you call, and we’d love to hear from you!

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As we pause and give thanks this Thanksgiving season, we remember those in Paris and other places under siege. We pray for wisdom, courage and compassion for our world leaders, as they struggle to resolve conflicts. You are in our thoughts and prayers as well.

thanksgiving-pixChristmas Holiday Gift Bags, Retro Girlparty-hats-confetti

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Seasons Greetings!


FOCUS CORNER – Quality Wholesale Retail Packaging and Quality Service!

focusTawny Textured Rib Windowed Wine Boxes
Wholesale retail packaging supplies and quality service have more in common with each other than just the words themselves. Your packaging speaks loudly about your business image. Eco friendly packaging clearly emphasizes your commitment to the environment. Foil gift wrapping states your desire to please a certain audience, just as primary colored ribbons and wraps can accent your appeal to children. Whichever wholesale retail packaging you choose, customers associate its quality look and feel with their overall view of your business and its services.

Yes, your customers deserve the best service you can provide…just as you yourself expect and deserve quality service wherever you shop. Here are some points to ponder:

1) Treat your customers like your boss…because they really are. They are the ones who pay your bills, and provide feedback  to let you know what’s good, or not so good. Focus on the good. Pleasing your customers will reap and multiply your rewards.
winter city collection, bio-plastic and paper shopping bags wholesale
2) Add new points of interest to your in-store displays or website. Let seasonal packaging brighten your decor and set the mood for the rapidly approaching holiday season. You can find some great ideas here, such as the Winter City Collection, Magical Christmas and Mocha Frost Bags, and the ever popular and versatile Holiday Jumbo Bags.

3) Plan and consolidate your store supply purchases so you can order quantities that result in bulk discounts. You can find wholesale retail packaging supplies here, with quick and easy ordering, to meet your needs for every occasion. Let your customers know that you care enough to provide the best for them. Many new designs have been added to this collection and more are being included every day. Why not check it out now?


Holiday Wholesale Gift Packaging…and YOU!

Wholesale Gift PackagingWe are often asked if we sell only to businesses. The answer is Yes….and No.

In addition to ‘Click & Mortar’ and ‘Brick & Mortar’ businesses, we also sell to small, home-based artisans and crafters who make products to sell in stores or at market, especially during the holiday seasons. Many of these are new start-up businesses who later find themselves on Main Street America!

We can often assist schools and organizations, as well as businesses who assign purchasing responsibilities to individuals when preparing for banquets, weddings or other special events.  Wholesale gift packaging for the Christmas holiday season should be ordered by September, to help assure availability and selection.

We do request that you supply us with your State Sales Tax ID#,  or other business identification, at the time of your order. If you don’t have one yet, we strongly encourage you to contact your state offices and apply for one now.

Together we can make a difference in growing our economy.  NOW, with the pre-holiday season upon us, is the best time to start. Contact us today!

Wine Bottle Carriers – not just for wine!

Piazzo Bordeaux
2-Bottle Carrier, Piazza Bordeaux

If you’ve been using, or considering, our wine carriers for holding wine bottles…of course that’s an excellent application. However, think outside the box (pun intended!) for other handy uses.

With the punch-cut windows in front that can either fold inward to form dividers or remain closed, this piece also makes an excellent holder for other tall items. Consider using it for juice, olive oil, vinegar, water etc. …  or use  2-bottle and 3-bottle carriers to combine a drink and food item together for a gift, or just for convenience.

But wait … you’re not limited to consumable items! Soft goods and other giftables can make a fabulous appearance in these handy carriers as well. Choose from a wide selection of colors. Most styles can be custom screen-printed to display your business name or message too.

Keep your creative thoughts alive and offer your clients and customers the unexpected!