Gift Wrapping Papers – Back To Basics

Gift Wrapping PapersRetailers…Are you looking for a way to add a special touch to your product and/or service? Use gift wrapping papers to get back to basics. The days of old-fashioned gift wrapping, with real wrapping paper, would be a welcome return by many.  A wrapped package adds a special, nostalgic touch and shows you care, especially when paired with colorful giftwrap ribbons and tissue paper.  Gift bags are a great option too, but this might be the year for you to offer the service of wrapping gifts for your customers to give to others. Or dress up your corporate gift-giving program for employees, clients or vendors, with colorful seasonal wrapping papers.  Or you might consider offering gift-wrapping services in your local community or mall. Whichever you choose, you’re sure to be met with pleasant surprise.

Many of our giftwraps are made in the USA.  Many wrapping papers are eco-friendly, and also quite cost-efficient.  A 100-ft cutter box roll, 24′ wide, wraps about 50 shirt-size boxes.  A 417-ft half ream roll, best used with a paper holder, wraps about 200. Width for half reams or 833-ft full reams ranges from 15″ to 36″, depending on the design. The most common size is 24″ wide. Jewelers Rolls, 7-3/8″ wide, are also available for wrapping very small gifts.

In addition to wrapping gifts, giftwrap papers are excellent for setting the mood for the season. Consider the following uses:

  • Shelf Linings for Store Displays
  • Table Coverings for Special Events
  • Wall Covers
  • Window Displays
  • Trade Show Booth Displays
  • Fairs, Markets, Shows

MAC Paper Supply offers a huge selection of giftwrap colors and designs, seasonal as well as everyday and special occasion. We sell wholesale-to-retail, stores and businesses. You can browse our selections online, and order online as well if you wish.

Giftwrap truly does make everyone feel special.  Try it yourself!

Author: Celia

President/CEO, Co-owner and operator of MAC Paper Supply Inc. since 1991. Mother of 2 boys, grandmother of 2 grandsons. Currently raising a Papillon pup, appropriately named Moxie. Also enjoys reading, computer challenges, website building, not too old to learn social networking too!

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