Wholesale Retail Packaging Supplies – FOCUS!

focusAdd colorful tissue papers for a special touch!

Try some of these ideas for boxes and packaging to dress up your image and draw attention to your products. Christmas Holidays are quickly approaching! Your business depends on special seasons for a good portion of your annual sales. Build your image now for maximum visibility and impact this season, with our wholesale retail packaging.

(1) Develop a consistent, coordinated look that will become easily recognized as your company. This can include a color theme, wrapping paper, or a certain style of ribbon or bow, for example. Incorporate your name into your theme with an understated imprint or custom hot-stamped label, for an extra touch of class. You can attach your label to our wholesale bags, party favor boxes, tin boxes, tissue wrapping paper and more!

(2) Create an earthy or folksy image with packaging such as our eco-friendly shopping bags wholesale. For extra impact, these can be hand-decorated with paints, buttons, lace, or other items related to your business. Your employees, family or friends may enjoy helping you create this image.

(3) Offer samples of your products at summer festivals or seasonal trade shows and fairs. Samples can be dressed up easily with wraphia or curling ribbon. This makes it simple to attach your contact information as well. Wholesale retail packaging, together with your smiles and helpfulness, can leave a lasting impression with your visitors.

If you have questions, give us a call or email. We’ll do our best to help you develop and maintain your image.


Gift Packaging Focus Corner



Follow some of the links on this page for innovative and colorful gift packaging ideas. As we enter the “dog days of summer”, the timing couldn’t be better to put these ideas to use in your business. Here’s a ‘cool’ thought…Christmas Holidays are quickly approaching! Not every business depends on special seasons for a good portion of their annual sales, but if your business does, consider building your image now for maximum visibility and impact this season.

(1) Personalized gift packaging is a great way to extend your visibility. Start now to put your business name on your packaging.

(2) Gift Cards are fabulous any time of the year. Try these ideas to dress them up a bit.

(3) Gift wrapping paper is sure to help your gift packaging stand out in the crowd. Wrapped gifts add an elegant touch to any occasion. Wrapping Paper also helps draw attention to your product displays when used as a backdrop in your store, at shows or other events.


Valentine’s Day – Wholesale Gift Packaging Supplies

Great wraps for Valentine's Day

While shopping for seasonal packaging, keep in mind that it’s also a good idea to add some basic year-round supplies to your order. This might include carryout bags, tissue paper or shreds, year-round wrapping papers, ribbons and bows, boxes, etc.  By doing this, you’ll often save money with quantity discounts and combined shipping costs.  Also, it’ll be easier for you to transition from the seasonal busy-ness to your year-round business, without getting caught short on supplies. Oh yes…remember it can also help you avoid express shipping charges or availability issues that sometimes occur with just-in-time ordering.

Another way to manage your year-round packaging needs is to let us autoship products that you use on a regular basis. Quantities of foodservice tissue paper, for example, can more efficiently be shipped 12 pkg every 3 months, rather than 4 pkg every month. This also helps to assure availability when you need it. Take a look at your buying patterns, and contact us to place some of your gift packaging supplies on auto-pilot. It’s good for the environment, for your pocketbook, and for your sanity!

Christmas Holiday Gift Packaging Supplies, Wholesale

Christmas Stripes Gift BoxesWholesale Christmas Holiday Gift Packaging Supplies are in high demand by businesses and organizations.  It’s good to see so many new start-up businesses out there.  Fledgling giants are often born, or grow wings, at this time of year.  And we’ll help you to be among them!

Poinsettia Holiday Gift BoxesWe just wanted to take a moment to remind you to place your orders within this next week, for packaging supplies to carry you through the Christmas holiday season. This will help save you money that otherwise might go for express shipping. It also is a great way to save your sanity during those last few shopping days that will be the busiest! You’ll want to focus on your customers and filling orders, rather than have to scrounge for gift packaging supplies to complement your products.

Festive Holiday BoxesWe have several new arrivals in the popular holiday gift and shipping box line. Check them out now!

The holidays can be a frantic and stressful time, so just hang on tight and enjoy the ride.  We are here to help you, any way we can. Don’t hesitate to call, email, order online or by phone…whichever is easiest for you. And while you’re ordering for Christmas, remember that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner too!

As always, we’ll do our best to make things happen for you!

Gift Wrapping Papers – Back To Basics

Gift Wrapping PapersRetailers…Are you looking for a way to add a special touch to your product and/or service? Use gift wrapping papers to get back to basics. The days of old-fashioned gift wrapping, with real wrapping paper, would be a welcome return by many.  A wrapped package adds a special, nostalgic touch and shows you care, especially when paired with colorful giftwrap ribbons and tissue paper.  Gift bags are a great option too, but this might be the year for you to offer the service of wrapping gifts for your customers to give to others. Or dress up your corporate gift-giving program for employees, clients or vendors, with colorful seasonal wrapping papers.  Or you might consider offering gift-wrapping services in your local community or mall. Whichever you choose, you’re sure to be met with pleasant surprise.

Many of our giftwraps are made in the USA.  Many wrapping papers are eco-friendly, and also quite cost-efficient.  A 100-ft cutter box roll, 24′ wide, wraps about 50 shirt-size boxes.  A 417-ft half ream roll, best used with a paper holder, wraps about 200. Width for half reams or 833-ft full reams ranges from 15″ to 36″, depending on the design. The most common size is 24″ wide. Jewelers Rolls, 7-3/8″ wide, are also available for wrapping very small gifts.

In addition to wrapping gifts, giftwrap papers are excellent for setting the mood for the season. Consider the following uses:

  • Shelf Linings for Store Displays
  • Table Coverings for Special Events
  • Wall Covers
  • Window Displays
  • Trade Show Booth Displays
  • Fairs, Markets, Shows

MAC Paper Supply offers a huge selection of giftwrap colors and designs, seasonal as well as everyday and special occasion. We sell wholesale-to-retail, stores and businesses. You can browse our selections online, and order online as well if you wish.

Giftwrap truly does make everyone feel special.  Try it yourself!

Holiday Wholesale Gift Packaging…and YOU!

Wholesale Gift PackagingWe are often asked if we sell only to businesses. The answer is Yes….and No.

In addition to ‘Click & Mortar’ and ‘Brick & Mortar’ businesses, we also sell to small, home-based artisans and crafters who make products to sell in stores or at market, especially during the holiday seasons. Many of these are new start-up businesses who later find themselves on Main Street America!

We can often assist schools and organizations, as well as businesses who assign purchasing responsibilities to individuals when preparing for banquets, weddings or other special events.  Wholesale gift packaging for the Christmas holiday season should be ordered by September, to help assure availability and selection.

We do request that you supply us with your State Sales Tax ID#,  or other business identification, at the time of your order. If you don’t have one yet, we strongly encourage you to contact your state offices and apply for one now.

Together we can make a difference in growing our economy.  NOW, with the pre-holiday season upon us, is the best time to start. Contact us today!

Wholesale Ribbons

Garbo Wholesale Ribbons
Wholesale Ribbons

Brightly colored ribbons can add interest and attract attention to any gift with very little added cost. If you are using packaging to help sell your product, as most people do, attracting attention is where it all starts. Elegant looking ribbons can make your product stand out for potential buyers, and also add a perfect finishing touch. Check out our selections of wholesale ribbons today!

Wedding Favor Boxes

Pillow Box, 2-piece 2x2x2" box
Perfect solution for party and wedding favors!


For your special events…..

These colorful favor boxes will add the finishing touch for any occasion, such as weddings or parties.  Fill them will small goodies, jewelry or keepsake items.  Include a note inside, or plan ahead a few weeks and have them personalized for your event.



Spring Colors, Wholesale Gift Bags and More

Made in USA, 'Ikat' Wholesale Gift BagsMost of us are more than ready to see spring coming, with its tiny flowers peeking through the long-frozen earth. What a welcome sight!  Plan now to enhance your image with some bright colors to complement those of nature itself.

Made in USA, 'Just Peachy' Paper Shopping Bags

These new gift bags can add a warm, welcome feeling to quickly melt away shoppers’ winter blues. Check them out now, and watch for more new colors to appear soon! And remember…Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are just around the corner!

Wine Bottle Carriers – not just for wine!

Piazzo Bordeaux
2-Bottle Carrier, Piazza Bordeaux

If you’ve been using, or considering, our wine carriers for holding wine bottles…of course that’s an excellent application. However, think outside the box (pun intended!) for other handy uses.

With the punch-cut windows in front that can either fold inward to form dividers or remain closed, this piece also makes an excellent holder for other tall items. Consider using it for juice, olive oil, vinegar, water etc. …  or use  2-bottle and 3-bottle carriers to combine a drink and food item together for a gift, or just for convenience.

But wait … you’re not limited to consumable items! Soft goods and other giftables can make a fabulous appearance in these handy carriers as well. Choose from a wide selection of colors. Most styles can be custom screen-printed to display your business name or message too.

Keep your creative thoughts alive and offer your clients and customers the unexpected!