Store Packaging “Raps”

“Most of our customers are (w)rappers!”.

This recent comment, by a long term colleague, relates to our wide selection of wholesale gift wrapping paper and other store packaging supplies. Store Packaging. Baby, Shower: Newborn gift wrapsAlong the same line, we used to publish a newsletter called “MCwRAPS”. We also adopted the slogan “Wrap it up with MAC” many years ago. This just keeps getting more fun as time goes on!

Store Packaging. feminine gift wraps, wrapping paperBut no matter how you look at it, wrapping gifts never grows old; and the designers who create these wraps just keep getting better. This year’s gift wraps are amazing! I, for one, welcome every hint of the arrival of Spring, more than EVER.

Store Packaging. Kids, Youth: birthday, celebration wrapping papersI suspect many of you join me in that feeling . . . especially those who have endured one of the most memorable winters ever. Welcome, Spring! Special occasions like Mother’s Day, Easter, Graduations, and Father’s Day will soon be here too. Be sure to have store and gift wrapping supplies lined up to meet these celebrations.

Store Packaging. masculine gift wrapping suppliesIt gets better! This year brings even more new ideas to the retail packaging market than gift wrapping papers. For example, dressing up your gift cards creatively can bring a simple gift to life with an added touch of class.Store Packaging. Pop Up gift card gift boxes

New matched packaging themed collections are equally impressive this year, from geometric patterns to bright dancing floral designs. Wrapping tissue, goody bags, gift seals, jute, wraphia, and new printed ribbons provide the finishing touches. You can see all these, and much more, in our “Online Packaging Store”.

Store Packaging 2015 Raps

Take a peek at our “New in 2015” sectionStore Packaging. Geo Trio matched packaging collection
for a quick overview.  Then take time to explore all the Categories on the left side of the store screen too. When you are ready to check out, you’ll find some welcome changes. The process has been streamlined, and PayPal has been added as an option. Changes don’t end here. They are just beginning, as we continue to add store packaging products and website improvements daily.

As always, if you don’t find what you need, please call or email us. Our response time is among the best. If we can’t help immediately, just leave a message. Most often you will reach a real person when you call, and we’d love to hear from you!

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Store Packaging. Colorful solid color gift wrapping papers


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