Valentine’s Day Packaging

Valentine Day Packaging Supplies
Every month holds at least one special occasion worth celebrating. This month you can help your customers find their Valentine’s Day Packaging supplies. Actually you can do your part, as a retailer, to help your customers make EVERY day special! Use retail packaging to help create a special feeling for your shoppers.

A sweetheart of a year, 2016 brings many lower prices and new products. Download our gift wrap and wrapping supplies catalogs now.

Valentine's Day Packaging

Magnetic Wine Boxes
Rigid Magnetic-Lidded Wine Boxes

Another way to manage your year-round packaging needs is to let us auto-ship products that you use on a regular basis. Quantities of food service tissue paper, for example, can more efficiently be shipped 12 pkg every 3 months, rather than 4 pkg every month. This also helps to assure availability when you need it. Take a look at your buying patterns, and contact us to place some of your gift packaging supplies on auto-pilot. It’s good for the environment, for your pocketbook, and for your sanity!

Contact us any time you have a question or if we can be of help to you in any way. We’d love to hear from you!


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