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focusAdd colorful tissue papers for a special touch!

Try some of these ideas for boxes and packaging to dress up your image and draw attention to your products. Christmas Holidays are quickly approaching! Your business depends on special seasons for a good portion of your annual sales. Build your image now for maximum visibility and impact this season, with our wholesale retail packaging.

(1) Develop a consistent, coordinated look that will become easily recognized as your company. This can include a color theme, wrapping paper, or a certain style of ribbon or bow, for example. Incorporate your name into your theme with an understated imprint or custom hot-stamped label, for an extra touch of class. You can attach your label to our wholesale bags, party favor boxes, tin boxes, tissue wrapping paper and more!

(2) Create an earthy or folksy image with packaging such as our eco-friendly shopping bags wholesale. For extra impact, these can be hand-decorated with paints, buttons, lace, or other items related to your business. Your employees, family or friends may enjoy helping you create this image.

(3) Offer samples of your products at summer festivals or seasonal trade shows and fairs. Samples can be dressed up easily with wraphia or curling ribbon. This makes it simple to attach your contact information as well. Wholesale retail packaging, together with your smiles and helpfulness, can leave a lasting impression with your visitors.

If you have questions, give us a call or email. We’ll do our best to help you develop and maintain your image.


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